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In Belgium, according to whether we are judged, in show, by French judges (LOOF), or German (WCF), we receive appreciations sometimes very different. What I find a no sense, since it is exactly the same cat of origin. It is also necessary to go to the obviousness, certain judges do not appreciate Thai by no means. Their vote goes to the modern Siamese, more longiligne, and worked; I would even say: deformed! I meet the same concern when I go either to France, or in Germany. My Siamese, must to some extent, being a pass key, because judged according to a little different criteria.

In Belgium, in the absence of a national cat federation, there is a multitude of cat clubs general practitioners. I understand by general practitioner, all races confused. There is no club of race which could defend and promote a precise race. In these clubs general practitioners, there are of them goods, which respect the uses of good control, and there are unconscientious clubs which do not respect them! Each one made its kitchen as it wants to eat!

I also met many people who make of a their Siamese a question of profitability. One buys a Siamese male, it does not matter his origin.... one buys Siamese female in the doubtful beginnings. Then, one them mixt, in order to have the small ones!!!! One sells the kittens without complete vaccination, hardly separated and more or less sociabilized. And there is ........... (I imagine extremely that there is not only in Belgium that this exist). The purchasers of these kittens, sometimes, want to make show!!!!! Their illusions collapse at this time!!!

How I find also scandalous, it is to make reproduce a cat, even several times, and when it well served the interests of its Master, this one separates to his cat !!! I estimate that when one adopts a cat and/or a kitten, it is to accomodate it and cherish it longest possible, until the end of his life. One is responsible for a life, and one must accept!!!

I deplore as the fact, as in our small country, the Thai breeders do not get along and do not shoulder themselves. To my judgment, we should follow the example of the Netherlands to us, create a group of study and breed with passion. Instead of that, each one made its own kitchen only in its corner. Watching for the occasion to exceed the other!!! Funny of mentality, you do not find? But good, Belgium is thus made!!!

A remark which applies to all the countries: be wary of the breeders who have at the same time several litters!!! Indeed, it is not already obvious to be occupied well of only one litter at the same time, because that requires much patience, energy and time. A good sociability of a Siamese kitten, does require sacrifices hardly. But that of happiness it gives us. I do not include/understand how one can occupy oneself, to sociabilise and to like two, three to see four simultaneous litters. The kittens raised in this environment will not be sociable towards their future Masters. The affection which one carries to the kittens, eh well, they progressively returns it to us with their life. If they were deprived by it, they will not have anything to offer. In opposite, they will be distant without respect to the man. In the same way, it is important to let the kittens with their mom until the 12 weeks age, even 13 weeks. Because they need the contact of their mom, their brothers and sisters, until less the 3 months. Therefore, to take them earlier does not seem to me judicious. Even if the price is a little higher. Do not forget especially that a kitten must firstly be vaccinated to 8 or 9 weeks and to receive the recall of the vaccines at 12 weeks. Therefore, do not believe especially the person who says to you that a kitten vaccinated at 8 weeks is in order of vaccination, because they is false! Because only one vaccine does not protect the kitten that more to 60 %. You will have to still run in the veterinary surgeon for his recall. What will result also in to add stress for the kitten. And that will cost you certainly expensive than the difference in price by taking it at 13 weeks. Moreover, it will be not very sociable.



Thai was recognized in 2002 by the LOOF (Livre Officiel des Origines Félines, having the French monopoly to deliver the pedigrees). On this date, the club of race CHATHAI was created, in order to defend the interests of the race Thai. Following dissensions between these two entities, Chathaï was dissolves and became dissenting LOOF, in 2005. The place was thus free to allow the creation of EUROTHAÏ, new club of race of Siamese "the Thai". The new authority was initially very active but was blown well quickly........

The dissidents of the LOOF recreated an association, not recognized, defending the Traditional Siamese. This association is called: "Club du Chat Siamois ". It initially named their Siamese cat "old-type" ( siamois ancien type) for finally returning to the total credits which is the Traditional Siamese ( siamois traditionnel ).

Attention if you buy a "Siamese" without official pedigree! Because it is impossible to go up in its line and to know his parents on several generations. The Siamese ones of origin were released in the countryside (or cities!), very often. However they are very prolific cats, and like, contrary to what is said, consanguinity is frequent in freedom. Gutters point are born. For example, among so much of others, in Reillanne, in the Haute Provence Alps, there is a "Siamese" which proliferated. Thus, in this village, there is full with gutters point!



In June 2000, a working group of the traditional Siamese breeders was constituted. It is called: Werkgroep Traditionele Siamezen Nederland. This group aims at protecting and to preserve the Siamese cat as one knew before the years 1960. The group manages the birthrate, selects the reproducers and takes care on the descent of their cats. In order to distinguish correctly the old of the new Siamese one, the general cat club practitioner NEOCAT, recognized the Siamese traditional one under the name of "Thai".



At the beginning of the Nineties a German lady, Beatrix Rahn of the cattery Von Falkenhöhe, presented in the cat-shows in Europe, a Siamese cat which symbolizes the traditional aspect of the old Siamese model. Rahn tenderly called "Thai cat". Its enthusiasm and attachment to revitalize the old model, by employing Siamese old lines inspired many European breeders, and started to multiply and show a cat called "Thai". The club Deutche Edelkatz recognized the Siamese old type under the name of Thai (1989). Consequently, the many independent clubs developed their own standards of race thus their members would support these beautiful cats.

In Germany, there is good, and less good!!! certain breeders only work alone, others in groups according to their attractions for various morphologies. Indeed, certain groups make the traditional one by respecting the Siamese lines. Other groups, in order to accelerate their results, cross the Siamese ones with shorthairs.......



In England, the old-style Siamese was preserved beside the modern type until our days. They has there many breeders who devote themselves to the conservation of these old Siamese lines. In fact, 3 types are quite distinct : the traditional one, the classic one, and the Modern one.

angleterre traditional siamese
angleterre classic siamese
angleterre modern siamese
Traditional Siamese
Classic Siamese
Modern siamese

The Traditional : (1880-1930) It is a cat appeared in the country there is more than 100 years. They also called "APPLEHEAD" in the pejorative meaning by the judges and breeders of modern Siamese .

The classic : (1945-1970) This type of cat is halfway between the traditional one and the Modern one. Its morphology is thus average. It is a cat with balanced and moderated forms.

The Modern : Although less extreme that in the United States, this type of Siamese is nevertheless tubular.



In America, the Siamese dominates in the halls of show to the beginning of the Fifties, whereas some breeders choose to work diligently to maintain the aspect of Siamese initially imported of Thailand. It is well-known that at the beginning of the 20th century more Wichien-Maat were imported of Thailand towards England and England in all the major part of the Western world. As the new attraction towards the Siamese increased in popularity, the breeders of England, of Europe, and the north of America worked for the safeguarding of the aspect of these Siamese imports called "old model" initially, and of the cat generally always considering today in Thailand such as Wichien-Maat.

In North America, a breeder called Dr. Cristy Bird of the chattery of Sarsenstone works passionately to preserve the old lines. Bird put a stage further and courageously was in Thailand in order to import new lines.

Together, the American and European breeders started to share lines and worked jointly and formed a small club of race called PREOSSIA (The Prestwick-Beresford Old-Style Siamese Breed Preservation Society). This international club is committed defending Siamese the old type. It is composed of a president, directors and members in Europe and America.

The members of PREOSSIA (the president and local persons in charge American and European) worked inlassablement with the TICA (The International Cat Association). Together they opened a standard of race which represents the Siamese Old-Model of the 18th century and Wichien-Maat generally seen in Thailand. February 17, 2007, several members of PREOSSIA were pilot of an historical event because the Management committee of the TICA, unanimously voted to accept the "Thai" standard of race as a new recognized race, in class PNB (preliminary news breed). And it is as from May 1 2007 that the Thai cats could contribute in show TICA. It should be noted that before this date, only the modern Siamese could be exposed.



The first cat with the Siamese inscriptions appeared on an old engraving discovered by Mr. Pallas during his voyage in southernmost Russia between 1793 and 1794. Another representation is in " the Book of the cats ", and poetries where the diagrams of cats of various colors and models (Siamese including, tabby, blue, etc.) appeared.


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