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I propose to you, following the pages, to discover what for me is become a reason of life, my passion towards my cats and kittens, Traditional Siamese, the Thaïs




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all the news , and some "oldies", let's see ...
the story of all a life, start of our love towards our cats

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the "Don Juan" of our home

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kittens…. for each litter, the pictures are brought up to date each week. You can, thus, follow the evolution of each kitten, from the birth to the departure of our home
what have my kittens more ? my conditions ...
pictures of all my kittens, their evolution since each birth to their departure of our home, but also in their new family. What they become. This, since our first litter in the ' 2000 year.

Our pensioned cats. We do not separate of our castrated cats. They stay with us.

Our dogs, faithful companions.

some information on the breed : history, terminology, standards, ...
is it really what you are waiting from your cat ?
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