Airedale Terrier female
Born: February 19, 1999

Deaths: Saturday, December 11, 2010
(11 years and almost 10 months)



Playful, lovable, playful, indestructible, greedy, irresistible, rowdy, loyal, clowns, hyperactive, funny, stubborn, dissipated, self-slingers, moaners, stubborn, gays, vivid, moody, sullen, actors, sparkling tenacious, intelligent , impulsive, pots of glue, etc. ... these are the characteristics of our fellow terriers.

The Airedale terrier, character and tips :

Extremely player, endearing hug. Dedicates a worship to his master. It is a very adaptable dog. However his next pot of glue (like all terriers) can sometimes turn to excess, remember that the pet is not you but him ...
Dominant with men and with similar but sociable and adorable with his house animals (including cat). Accommodating with its congeners, it does not support these attacks is a proud and strong terrier who does not fear the fighting will stop and never even more imposing front of an opponent or a wild animal. So always bear in mind that this is a false calm.
Sporting dog and is suitable for obedience if his education is well made from a very young age. Good skills in training for the defense, the guard (as long as you do not let everyone pet him home).
Excellent flair. Very clever, very sharp, includes any order on the first try. Know when you want to play otherwise is quiet. The Airedale Terrier requires daily physical activity, a long walk and active games. In this he will make an excellent companion.
If you are a person too permissive unable to keep consistency in your orders and prohibitions, the Airedale is not for you. He listens to perfection but only if it respects you and you do not let it control you. Otherwise it will become more stubborn than a mule but still nice.

In conclusion :

If you are looking for a faithful dog, loving and good guard, the Airedale should meet your expectations.

With our YARIS and our CANDY (spayed female, crossbred Yorkshire terrier) we do encounter any problems of cohabitation between our cats and dogs. Quite the contrary. Cats often come to say hello to our great little girl. And even some cats just to rub and snuggle with their sisters dog. We love these moments.




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pictures Friday, december 10 , 2010

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saturday, december 11, 2010
YARIS, my big baby,

I am holding you in my arms, piston advancing more into the syringe. A few seconds will suffice ! Fearing your last breath, I see the time that we have lived during all these years together.


There are eleven and a half years ago, I've discovered you at Huissignies (between Mons and Tournai) breeding “le Mas des Rêves”. You were still two sisters to be adopted. You were the bigger of the two and my first glance, I felt directly that you were the little girl that I had dreamed. Mickey and Opium, my cats, are waiting for you at home.

Three months later, Yorky (kid Airedale terrier, breeding “les Faweux” in Soumagne) came and did disturbed the order already established. It was really hard to hold two Airedales in the throes of adolescence ! Alas, after a few months, I had to make a choice ... ... you were stayed and you'll be "my big girl." Life has ran out, and you have seen, over time, reaching many small cats who were your delight.

Long travel by car, then no, it was not really your cup of tea ... .. except for short journeys, there ah yes, you were also always the first to enter in the car. You were the god of my grandmother. At each visit, you placed your paws on her laps. She took you beside her on the couch.
Your hair grew and your fur grow. So twice a year we were going a little visit to Tracy (Airedale terrier) so that Jacqueline and Tony rid of excess hair (trim) and grooming that gives me every time a new and beautiful big girly.

With a little training, you gave the paw, you sat down and / or you slept, as the favourable  case to you ! Stubborn, yes you were .... Especially when you were walking as far as possible and where I was calling you, and I called, you went away straight on ! I had some time to take the car to go to look for you "a little farther” ... ...

A few years later (2003) a small little girl (Candy, crossed Yorkshire terrier) came and from the very first day, you do not move an inch from each other. With some cats, the feeling went superbly well. Indeed, it was not uncommon to see a cat who was prowling near you and also come snuggle against you.

You have always lived among us, human, canine and feline, making choices of your couch : either the couch or a rug placed at your disposal. You had your meals at fixed times, but you seemed to be always hungry ! You were big and plump, 30 kg, but without excess fat.

There is one thing you did not accept ! I gave, games, small mice (Bird and others) to cats in the house. Each time, they disappeared until I realized that you passed by and finally, mice, you sketches and you swallow them ! No longer, for the games of the cats, I brought three very large mice. After five minutes, barely distributed, I could not find already more than two ... ... After all returned, I had to make clear that here too, you had done ! The evidence was, several months after this action, I noticed in your stool, the plastic casing of the famous mouse !!

One summer day, three years ago in the courtyard, you started to eat the product against slugs. Once home, I quickly noticed there was something that was wrong. I appealed directly to our super vet (Dr. Laurent Massart of Blégny) and he received us directly and he was able to get you out of a very bad situation. It was very urgent ....

The year 2010 was a bad year ... .. : on February, the first feline caesarean in 11 years of breeding, the mother did not recognize her kittens .... on February-March, loss of three adult cats, kidney problems, embolism ... ..
On July, you make a stroke  that you get hands relatively quickly. A blood test revealed pancreatitis. You have received all necessary care, including an ultrasound that does not reveal anything alarming. Four months later, in early November, a blood monitoring detects incipient renal failure ! In early December, the urea is more than doubled, there is significantly too high. You have lost 3.5 kg. You have no appetite ! You resist, you move, you make me a lot of hugs ... Really not for you, in the veterinary hospital, because you do not agree to be alone .... Moreover, the rate of urea which has progressed too quickly on a very short period of time, concludes a too low or no output end. For your love, your respect for your dignity, we decided to perform aggressive treatment and end your suffering when it was still "acceptable." In any case, we did not want to see you suffer, or to see deteriorate your state.


The piston has finished its trajectory, there is no more product in the syringe ! I hold you tightly in my arms. Dominique caress you gently your thigh. You emit  a sharp breath. The calm takes hold of you ... .... You join the Paradise.


Yaris, we never forget you.