Champion of  Belgium


Thaļ , Seal point , DOB 06th july 1998.

Sire : Marquis Lord de Menderley, Thaļ seal point
Dam : Kandy de Fauche le Vent, Thaļ blue point

After Mickey, Opium is at the origin of our breeding : she  is in a sense patriarch of the cattery.

Opium is a cat in paws without claws, she appreciates the company of the other cats to come to snuggle up and then to sleep.
Opium is the Queen of her small world, always having the watchful eye. You should not be mistaken, she knows all the hidden nooks of the house as well as the character of her congeners.
Opium is at present spayed , having given us two beautiful reaches.
Her nickname : "Pioupiou".

Our small  Opium was spayed in Autumn 2003.
She will stay  inside our family  , with her daughters and the other cats.


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