Our kitties 2006


year of « B », 
Our stud Urkhan is the father of beautiful kitties 
And Tintin stays  the same………. 

What they become....

I miss you, my kitties. We had good times together. But I know you stay now in good families

You will stay allways in my heart. 

BAHIYA & BAMBI live together : 
Bahiya, female seal tabby point 
Bambi, male seal tabby point 
B & B are always playing. they grow well : Bambi is bigger than Bahiya. both have good appetite. The live now in Brussel.

b&b 1 b&b 2

Male seal tabby point 
Baloo is alwways affectionate and playmate with Salem (european cat). he is very curious and has a big appetite. He is really  ADORABLE ! Baloo lives now in Waremme..
baloo 1 baloo 2 baloo 3

Female blue point 
Bambou lives in  (France), she is always with her owner , and is always after her.
bambou 1 bambou 2

Male  blue point 
Benji, before his departure in Holland,won 1 Best in Show at the catshow in Dison (29th oct 06). He will be a stud for Shira, female thai  seal point.
benji 1 benji 2

Female seal point 
Betti is very sweet ……… she lives now in Brussel

 betti 1 betti 2

betti 3 betti 4

Female seal point. 
Bindi is very affectionate  . she lives now in Brussel .
bindi 1 bindi 2

BINGO nicknamed Peanut 
Male seal point 
After a short travel near Velours and Apple, our young  Bingo lives now in Versailles (France), in a very great property.
bingo 1 bingo 2 bingo 3

Male blue point 
Bowie lives now in the north of Holland , where he plays, sleeps and lives with 2 sweet girls thaïs, Isis and Shakira. Bowie likes very much playing with small mouses.
bowie 1 bowie 2

BUBBA nicknamed Benji 
Male blue point 
Bubba tsayed with us a very long time, It was a big problem for me when he must go away. 
He lives now in Holland . He is very sweet ,very affectionate, and a great personnality.
bubba 1 bubba 2 bubba 3

BUGS nicknamed Basile 
Male blue point 
Our small Bugs lives now with a  sphinx female in Brussel 

bugs 1bugs 2






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